An Eye for an Eye, Session One

An Eye for an Eye

Session One: Beginnings in Ubersreik

Our tale begins outside Ubersreik. Leopold Hagen, an apprentice Amethyst Wizard, and Austerman, an Agent from Altdorf, share a ride into town. Leopold has been sent to Ubersreik to investigate the affairs of the von Bruner family. Masters at the college have heard rumors from the spirits concerning the von Bruners and have decided to assign the task to Leopold. Austerman has recently left service with his former patrons, the xxx, under somewhat shady circumstances involving misplaced funds. His partner appears to have stolen funds and set him up to take the fall. He arrives in Ubersreik hoping to distance himself from the family and outrun any possible retaliation. He intends to inquire about any possible openings with the local noble houses in Ubersreik though he hopes to eventually return to Altdorf and clear his name (and some unfinished business with his ex-partner).

Upon arrival in Ubersreik, the two travellers stick together for convenience. They happen upon the town square and notice the recent betrothal announcement of the von Bruner daughter to Rickard Aschaffenberg. Leopold is intrigued. Also, they find a notice from a V. Hendrik seeking labourers for assistance in moving materials to a local hunting lodge. Austerman recognizes V. Hendrik as the manservant of Lord Aschaffenberg and points out the coincidence to Leopold. They agree to investigate as the sum offered appears to be highly disproportionate for the task required.

Meanwhile, at a local riverside tavern, the Spread Eagle, Gunther, a local Smuggler, and Grundel, a recently arrived Troll-Slayer from Karak Azgaraz, have run out of funds. Gunther and Grundel have recently become re-acquainted, the Troll-Slayer was not aware of the nefarious dealings of his former business partner in Ubersreik, however, since he has since renounced all business dealings in a quest to redeem his honor in the eyes of his dwarven forefathers, he has settled on Gunther as a possible avenue for more dangerous and daring trials. Hearing some rumors of a high paying assignment from one of the local nobles, the two decide to investigate.

An Interesting Proposal

Which brings us to the Red Moon Inn. The four heroes arrive before the aforementioned V. Hendrik and take the opportunity to inquire with the local barmaid. It appears that V. Hendrik has run away a couple inquirers but otherwise has not interviewed more than a handful of interested parties.

At this point V. Hendrik enters the inn. The adventurers introduces themselves and V. Hendrik, who appears to have recently been wounded, explains that his lord, Rickard Aschaffenberg, requires a discrete group of men who are willing to investigate the staff at the lords hunting lodge. It appears the Grunewald Hunting Lodge, a recent dowry from the von Bruner family, has raised some concern with the lord. He wishes to be made aware of any shifty or untoward dealings amongst the von Bruner staff at the lodge as soon as possible. If the adventurers accept, they will pose as labourers moving household items form the lord's manor in Ubersreik to the hunting lodge. Upon arrival they will be allowed to infiltrate, investigate, and report back anything they find to Lord Aschaffenberg.

The adventurers agree to the dealings, and with six shilling each, V. Hendrik insists upon their presence in the morning to leave for Grunewald. The next morning, having consumed an inordinate amount of beer and left it on the tab of V. Hendrik, the adventurers set off for Grunewald. After a long and uneventful trip, their first stop is the village of Greissbach. With little to recommend it, the party leaves first thing in the morning, and sets off into the forest for Grunewald.

Beatmen Attack

Upon entering the forest V. Hendrik becomes increasingly nervous. Looking into the woods and visibly recoiling from any noise or movement. The party notice that the wagon is being followed by some sort of beasts. The path to Grunewald takes only an hour or so and upon reaching the clearing to the lodge, the party is attacked by a herd of beastmen. Two gors each lead a group ungors in a an attempt to force the wagon to the gates. V. Hendrik frantically demands that the guards open the gate, but they refuse while the beastmen are attacking. The party is left to fight off the beastmen while he guards provide some assistance with a few well placed bolt from their crossbows. At first it looks dire for the party as a beastman breaks the nose of the intrepid Troll-slayer. After fire a wild shot, the Gunther is given a nasty blow to the head. At this point the party re-gathers and pushes the horde back from the wagon. Leopold calls upon the winds to send terror through the beastmen and the troll-slayer critically wounds the leader of the nearest group.

At this point the beastmen appear to have had enough and begin to retreat. The party doesn't let many escape, jumping from the wagon to chase down the stragglers. At which point the guards open the gate and the wagon is brought inside the grounds. And so, the party arrives at Grunewald.